When did Unmutable begin its development?

Unmutable started development on October 21st , 2016 and is still being worked on.

Before creation of Unmutable, we went around Kaynor Tech’s class of IST asking what audio files and categories they would like to see in Unmutable. We tried to include as much audio files as MIT App inventor allowed, and tried to come up with as much categories as we can.


What Features does Unmutable Have?

Unmutable has a built in features to help people converse easier. Some of these features is the accessibility of Text to Speech. As of VBeta2.0, the females setting is the only option with Text To Speech.Each category has a horizontal scroll option which allows for more audio for that genre. In the future of Unmutable, we plan on adding features such as a male text to Speech, more genres, more scenarios, and possibly even a“send a suggestion!” button. Social media features will also be added.

How did creating Unmutable help your skills?

Some coding languages we learned to use is Python, HTML, and currently attempting to understand Java. We’re going to be taking what we learned from the development of Unmutable to help us create better apps and work better as a team.